About Us

We Bio Greeno Health Primo India Pvt Ltd offers innovative skincare and health care products. Intends to deliver high quality of products, at no compromise. We want to concentrate the beauty of women from inside as well as outside.

In concern to wellness of all mankind offering health care products and improvising lifestyle of modern society with our beauty care products. Offering natural and better products for better quality of life. 

Cellbone , Cosmeceutical products have been exclusively proven effective by extensive medical research and made with the  finest ingredients that produce the most effective and rapid results.

Cellbone has patented beauty formula includes high concentration of peptides, hyaluronic acid, L-Ascorbic acid, collagen and a variety of natural plant extracts. We do offer wide range of Whitening,Lifting, anti-aging, Peels, skin rejuvenation etc. 

Cellbone brings to you a range of innovative skincare products that are uniquely formulated to produce significant skin improvement in the shortest amount of time. Our products combine high concentrations of active ingredients with advanced scientific technology - a powerful combination that produces the fastest, most effective and longest-lasting results.

Our beauty formulations include patented cosmeceutical ingredients and a variety of natural plant extracts whose effectiveness has been proven time and again by extensive clinical studies. These ingredients are used at optimum concentrations for producing rapid results that are also longer lasting.

At Cellbone we believe that when it comes to skin care, you should know exactly what ingredients you are applying on to your skin and because we use only the highest quality ingredients, we are not shy about revealing the complete list along with their individual potencies. This transparent approach, although unconventional, shows our faith in the effectiveness of our products. 

All Cellbone products are made in the United States under stringent quality control. Our products are recommended by dermatologists across the world and are the preferred skincare solution for clinics and spas/salons worldwide. When it comes to skincare, you shouldn’t have to settle for second best. You need the best and that is what Cellbone offers you! 

We offer you 9 distinct product series, each uniquely formulated to provide quick, effective and long lasting skincare solutions. Whether you are looking to cleanse, tone or whiten your skin or eliminate dark spots and wrinkles, Cellbone has a product that’s just right for you.